The BRT program, launched by Surabaya city government, is expected to figure out congestion issue in Surabaya which improves daily. One of the aims of BRT program is to reduce congestion occurred in Surabaya. The increase of motorized transport either motorcycles or cars is not supported with the increase of the infrastructure namely lanes. The recent situation causes high congestion level. Meanwhile, the latest condition of public transport, expected to be the alternative of mass transport for Surabaya people, apparently could not accommodate the people�s expectation for the time being. BRT, as the modern transport symbol which describes the advance of transport development, was explained in KLRTC Training Course XXI, Sustainable Transportation in Asia Pacific.

There was also explained, in the agenda held from 11-13 April 2011 in Malaysia, the success of cities in Indonesia in implementing Bus Rapid Transport. During agenda, attended by the Head of Traffic Engineering Unit, Tundjung I Amd. MM and the head of traffic management, Pranowo, SH, MM. as the representative of Surabaya government, there was also explained the supporting mass transport facilities such as park and ride and the integration of inter-mode among mass transports namely bus and train. Palembang city constitutes the fifth biggest city in Indonesia which has applied Bus Rapid Transport system called as Trans Musi and is applying GPS Tracking system and smart card for mass transports. Through GPS Tracking, the users can detect the existence of the buses. In addition, BRT in Palembang has been using fuel gas toward the entire armada. This is one of the tangible examples of green transport in Palembang. To support the implementation of mass transport in Asia, there was explained during the agenda several activities supporting the mass transport such TMC (Transport Management Center) system applied by Malaysia which functions to monitor the latest traffic situation, to gather and analyze the data and public transport services.